14 Ağustos 2012 Salı

School Girl Chic Fashion

School girl chic: revisiting the classroom for fall.

Going beyond the Clueless cliches for fall 2012, school girl fashion channels everything from innocent peter pan collars to retro rockabilly rebellion. But it doesn't have to be one or the other: when the weather gets chilly school-inspired fashion mixes it up.

School girl fashion: the elements

  • Varsity jackets
  • Thick, horn rimmed glasses
  • Youthful or retro-inspired hairstyles – like a 60s ponytail or messy textured sidebraid
  • Shirts buttoned-up and layered under knits
  • Tartan / plaid
  • Ankle socks under loafers or brogues, or knee high socks

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